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The information-carrying capacity of a communications channel. Usually expressed in Hertz (cycles per second) for analog circuits and in bits per second (bps) for digital circuits.
Base station
The central radio transmitter/receiver that maintains communications with a mobile radio telephone within a given range.
Broadband Code Division Multiple Access.
Broadcast channels; carry only downlink information and are mainly responsible for synchronization and frequency correction (BCCH, FCCH and SCH).
A ratio of the number of errors to data bits received on a digital circuit.
Bit Error Rate Test.
Busy hour Call Attempts; the number of call attempts made during a network's busiest hour of the day.
Broadband ISDN.
A bit is the smallest unit of information technology. As bits are made up using the binary number system, all multiples of bits must be powers of two, i.e., a dilobit is actually 1024 bits and a megabit 1048576 bits. Transmission speeds are given in bits per second (bit/s).
Block Error Rate. A ratio of the number of erroneous blocks to the total number of blocks received on a digital circuit. Block error rate (BLER) is used for W-CDMA performance requirements tests (demodulation tests in multipath conditions, etc). BLER is measured after channel de-interleaving and decoding by evaluating the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) on each transport block.
Blocking probability
The statistical probability that a telephone connection cannot be established due to insufficient transmission resources in the network. Usually expressed as a percentage or decimal equivalent of calls blocked by network congestion during the busy hour.
A low-power, short-range wireless technology designed to provide a replacement for the serial cable. Operating in the 2.4GHz Ism band, Bluetooth can connect a wide range of personal, professional and domestic devices such as laptop computers and mobile phones together wirelessly.
Bits per Second. The units usually used to express data transmission speed; the number of pieces of information transmitted per second.
Base Station Controller. A device and software associated with a base station that permits it to register mobile phones in the cell, assign control and traffic channels, perform handoff and process call setup and termination.
Base Station System/Subsystem. That portion of a GSM network that includes the base station, base station controller and transcoders (if used).
BSS GPRS Protocol. Information between SGSN and BSS. This protocol conveys QoS information but does not carry out any form of error correction. Its primary function is to provide radio-related information for use by radio link control (RLC) and medium access control (MAC) on air interface.
Base Transceiver Station the network entity that communicates with the mobile station. Although specifications differ for each system, the BTS effects radio communication with mobile stations (MS) via its respective radio access system and transmits/receives signals to/from connected radio network controllers (RNC) located along transmission routes.
A term describing a group of bits or other information transmitted by the system. Mobile data traffic is burstyy.
BSSGP virtual connection identifier is sent to the network services layer for routing, signaling and data information to the correct peer functional entities. Each BVCI between 2 peers must be unique.

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