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User Datagram Protocol. A protocol within the TCP/IP protocol suite that is used in place of TCP when a reliable delivery is not required. For example, UDP is used for real-time audio and video traffic where lost packets are simply ignored, because there is no time to retransmit. If UDP is used and a reliable delivery is required, packet sequence checking and error notification must be written into the applications.
User Interface.
The air interface between the BTS and MS in a GSM network.
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System; the European entrant for 3G; now subsumed in to the IMT-2000 family as the WCDMA technology.
A computer operating system. UNIX is designed to be used by many people at the same time and has TCP/IP built-in. It is a very common operating system for servers on the Internet.
The transmission path from the mobile station up to the base station.
Universal Personal Number.
User experience
In communications, refers to the subscriber or user perceptions about the overall quality and ease of using particular devices (e.g., mobile phones) or services (SMS, gaming, web browsing, priority access to data, etc.). See Q-Monitorr.
Universal Subscriber Identity Module; the 3G equivalent of the GSM SIM.
Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network; the UMTS radio access network comprising the RNC, Node B and the air interface.
The air interface between the Node B and the MS in UMTS network.
Ultra Wide Band.

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