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The variation in signal strength from it normal value. Fading is normally negative and can be either fast or slow. It is normally characterized by the distribution of fades, Gaussian, Rician, or Rayleigh.
Fast fading
The short term component associated with multipath propagation. It is influenced by the speed of the mobile terminal and the transmission bandwidth of the signal.
Frequency correction burst; used for frequency synchronization of the mobile.
Federal Communications Commission; the US regulatory body for telecommunications.
Frequency Correction Channel; downlink only, correction of M frequencies, transmission of frequency standard to MS, etc.
Frequency Division Duplex; a radio technique that uses paired spectrum; UMTS has an FDD element.
Frequency Division Multiple Access - a transmission technique where the assigned frequency band for a network is divided into sub -bands which are allocated to a subscriber for the duration of their calls.
Frequency Hopping.
Frequency Hopping CDMA.
Flow control
Flow control is the management of data flow between computers or devices or between nodes in a network so that the data can be handled at an efficient pace. Too much data arriving before a device can handle it causes data overflow, meaning the data is either lost or must be retransmitted.
Fixed Mobile Convergence.
Fixed Mobile Integration.
Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System, the original title of the ITU's third generation concept now known as IMT-2000.
Fixed Radio Access; see WLL.
Frequency Shift Keying; a method of using frequency modulation to send digital information.
Fixed Satellite Service.

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