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Location Area Identity: In GSM, an Identity that identifies a certain area of cells which are governed by a specific MSC (Mobile Switching Center). A single MSC can govern one or more Location Areas.
Local Area Network. A small data network covering a limited area, such as within a building or group of buildings.
Local Area Network Services.
Link Access Protocol.
In a network, latency, a synonym for delay, is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another. The term is often used to mean any delay or waiting that increases real or perceived response time beyond the response time desired.
Low Earth Orbit; refers to satellites that orbit the Earth at around 1m000 kilometers.
Logical Link Control is responsible for acknowledged/unacknowledged data transfer. It provides a logical link between MS and SGSN.
Land Mobile Satellite Service.
Load Balancing
Fine-tuning of a computer system, network or disk subsystem in order to more evenly distribute the data and/or processing across available resources. For example, in clustering, load balancing might distribute the incoming transactions evenly to all servers, or it might redirect them to the next available server.

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