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Battery / Charging Faults:

Battery or Charging Faults are usually the most visable mobile phone faults to diagnose, and mostly the easiest to rectify. Mobile phone battery or charging faults will usually occur with the following symptoms: Should your mobile phone display any of the above symptoms it is most likely that the battery has reached the end of its life or the mains or car charger are no longer working:

  • Does a light either flasing or permanent appear when the charger is inserted?
    If the answer is no it is likely you need a new charger.

  • If you remove the battery does it seem to be bloated?
    If the answer is yes you will need a new battery. Also this would normally indicate that you are over-charging it. Most people do this by leaving it on charge overnight.

  • Does the phone switch off for no reason?
    Again this would indicate that the battery needs replacing. Before getting a new one have a look at the contacts on the battery as well as in the phone and ensiure that they are clean and undamaged. If the battery is the type that acts as the back to the phone as well make sure that the battery fits snug as if it is loose it will cause distruption

If after reading the above you are sure that your mobile phones battery or charger is faulty, one or both may need to be replaced.

On most mobile phones this is an easy and inexpensive repair, however there are exceptions.