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Mobile Phone Screen Faults:

Mobile Phone Screen Faults.

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Screen Faults:

Mobile phone Screen faults are usually easy to diagnose and quite easy to rectify most of the time. Mobile phone screen faults can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • The screen is showing no image/text at all.
  • The screen is white.
  • The image/text on the screen is upside down or inverted.
  • The image/text on the screen appears intermittently.
  • The image/text on the screen appears lined or distorted.

Should your mobile phone display any of the above symptoms, the first thing to do would be to ascertain that the problem is indeed with your mobile phones screen and does not have another cause:

Is the battery connected correctly?

A battery that is not connected correctly could cause the screen to flicker or go off and on intermittently.

Does the screen fault only occur in certain circumstances?

If the screen fault only occurs at certain times, take a close look at the other equipment around you. Could something be causing interference?

If after reading the above you are sure that your mobile phones screen is faulty, it may need to be replaced.

On most mobile phones this can be quite expensive. You need to decide if it is worth it!

Always ensure that any repair to your phone is done professionally and it comes with a guarantee.