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Mobile Phone Microphone Faults:

Mobile Phone Microphone Faults.

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Microphone Faults:

Microphone faults are probably one of the easiest mobile phone faults to diagnose, but not always the easiest to rectify. Microphone faults can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • The caller cannot hear you.
  • Your voice is distorted to the caller.
  • The caller can hear you on some occasions but not all the time.

Should your mobile phone display any of the above symptoms, the first thing to do would be to ascertain that the problem is indeed with your mobile phone and not with the callers phone:

Do the symptoms occur with most callers or do the symptoms only occur with one specific caller?

If the symptoms occur only with one specific caller, the problem may be with the callers phone.

Are you in a low reception area?

Weak network signal is one of the most common causes for the voice to 'break up' during a mobile phone call.

Is the microphone hole blocked?

The microphone hole is easily identified on most mobile phones by a small circular or square hole in the phone case either at the lower front of the phone or on the bottom of the phone.

If you can locate this hole, check that the hole is not blocked by fluff or grime. If it is blocked, try cleaning the hole with a soft toothbrush or similar implement, however be careful not to shove enything in the hole as you may damage the microphone or other components of the phone.

If after reading the above you are sure that your mobile phones microphone is faulty, it may need to be replaced.

On most mobile phones this is an easy and inexpensive repair, however there are exceptions.

Always ensure that any repair to your phone is done professionally and it comes with a guarantee.