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BB5 Unlocking UPDATE...
BB5 Update:

PhoneGoods of Morley near Leeds have informed us that they are now unlocking most models of the "So Called" BB5 handsets. This includes the likes of the Nokia 6233, N73, N95, 6500 etc.....

The process is however complicated and involves posting the handset to them or calling into their store. This service available only to UK and Ireland customers.

PhoneGoods have moved:

PhoneGoods have moved into a new shop in Morley near Leeds, this is due to the success of the company and their never ending investment into the unlocking of mobile phones. Not only do they unlock but they repair and even sell second user mobile phones. PhoneGoods have assured us that they will continue in their pursuit of being a "One Stop Shop" for everything to do with mobile phones.

Fri, 12 October 2007 22:29:00 +0000