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CTS Show at the NEC in Birmingham
We paid a visit to the CTS Show at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday (12th April 2005) to have a look at what other products or services we could offer our customers. The CTS Show is a technology show similar to that of CeBit but on a much smaller scale and very much localised here in the UK.

Our intentions were simple; find a product that our customers may want that we can add to our site. Well we found many things including:

Mobile Phones
Mobile Fascias
Sim Cards
Inkjet Printer Cartridges
CD Media
DVD Media
USB Memory Pens
Memory Cards
Satellite Navigation Systems
Digital Camcorders
Various other computer components

We even found a nice little gadget than you use to directionally locate things that you lose by using a stamp sized tag and direction finder thingy.

Whilst some manufacturers struggled with the legality of what we do i.e. Unblocking - Unlocking, once we explained that we do NOT partake in Unblocking and that all we do is remotely Unlock mobile phones, we found that many of them were very keen to use the audience that our website generates. This however left us with a problem, "Do we really want to over complicate our site by adding additional product lines to what we already do?"

To be quite honest we decided we would leave it to you our customers, I mean, its you that has made us what we are today, so you should have a say in what direction we go. If you have an opinion that you would like to express then please feel free to do so - CLICK HERE -. You can be sure that here at we will always listen to our customers needs and use our buying power to try and obtain what they want.

A word on the computer industry

The Computer Component Distribution Industry is in a bit of a state of confusion at the moment and many of the larger distributors are fighting for position, this will inevitably lead to many of them going out of business and a consolidation of the remaining remnants. Part of the reason for this is that many people are no longer afraid to purchase goods online, indeed here in the UK two of the biggest distributors are "ONLINE ONLY". This of course squeezes the margin that the distributors can make, but "Hey" who cares as long as they get cheaper.

A word on "Convergence"

For years now we have heard about Telecommunications and the Computer converging and whilst I admit that the technology exists and is indeed been sold, it is still no further on than it was a few years ago. We looked around the CTS Show and the Comms Channel Expo and to be honest the impression I got was that the elder brother "Telecoms" just was not interested in associating with the Computer Industry. Yet on the other side the Computer Industry is holding its arms out wide welcoming Telecoms into the fold. How long I wonder before someone stands up and shouts "For god sake do something together for once"

And Finally..

A big thank you to all that we met while at the show and especially Keith Warburton from the PC Association (PCA) your guidance will certainly be useful to us.

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Wed, 13 Apr 2005 09:00:00 +0000