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BB5 Unlocking FINALLY Here...
BB5 Update:

Its here Yipeeeeee, finally some light at the end of a VERY long tunnel:

PhoneGoods of Morley near Leeds have informed us that they are now unlocking the following models of the "So Called" BB5 handsets:

Nokia 6630
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia N70
Nokia N71
Nokia N90
Nokia N91

This is terrific news and they have confirmed that today alone they have unlocked each of the above in their shop so this DOES work and it not just another pipe dream. As far as I am aware this will be by post and is available only to UK customers.

Sony Ericsson - DB2020:

After previously announcing that DB2020 handsets (K800i, W850i etc.) were been unlocked by PhoneGoods, I am pleased to announce that PhoneGoods have now reduced the cost to unlock in line with their standard charges.

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Mon, 14 May 2007 18:56:00 +0000