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Useful little Nokia Codes tool.
In an effort to help our customers and to avoid any confusion we have created a handy NEW little tool and added it to our website.

Now when you want to order Nokia Codes to unlock your mobile phone you will be able to click on our little application and see exactly whether or not you will be able to use your "Unlocked" mobile phone on the network of your choice.

It's simple as well:

Click the link
Select the Nokia phone
Read the presented information about your phone
Select the country you wish to use it in

You are then presented with all the networks in that country and you will be able to see if your mobile is suitable.

This will avoid the situation where customers unlock the phone only to find out that it will not work on their chosen network.

To see it in action VISIT HERE

This yet again shows the efforts we undertake in order to maintain our position at the top of what we do.

Thu, 20 October 2005 13:50:00 +0000