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Nokia 6630 and Nokia 6680

As of today "24th August 2005" there is still NO remote unlock codes for the Nokia 6630 or the Nokia 6680. There are many rumours circulating that certain unlockers can unlock these handsets.... THEY CANT.

The networks are currently the only people that can unlock these particular handsets and the cost varies widely. We will of course publish on this website when remote codes are available.

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New phones added

Over the last month or so we have added the following handsets:

Nokia 1101
Nokia 6101
Nokia 8800
Nokia 6822
Nokia 1110
Nokia 1108

This brings the total number of handsets that we can unlock with codes to 121.

Protect Yourself

Over the last month we have received a number of distressing emails from people who have tried other unlockers, these ranged from "not receiving codes" to "once the order was placed they were emailed to say that they could not unlock that particular type of handset and that they could spend the money they had paid on other thing sold by them".
At we find this intollerable and will never partake in this kind of activity. The handsets shown on our Unlocking Page have been tested and unlocked prior to admittance on to our list. We constantly research unlocking techniques and new handsets to ensure complete accuracy, this is why we have never had a failure where the criteria we publish on our site is followed.

Shop With Confidence

When you purchase your unlock codes from unlox you can be assured that you will receive them with clear and concise instructions on how to enter them. We will always try to be helpful and supportive whenever there is a problem with your Nokia Unlock and aim to resolve the problem swiftly. Most problems that arise are as simple as codes not been entered correctly when trying to unlock your Nokia, sometimes it is because the customer may have given the wrong details, in any case simply contacting us normally results in expedited action and resolution.

We will continue this update on a monthly basis.

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Wed, 24 August 2005 15:20:00 +0000