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Nokia 7190 Secret Codes from unlox.co.uk:

Nokia 7190 GSM Specs

Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific

North/South America
GSM 1900

To unlock your Nokia 7190 click the button only £0.99
Nokia 7190 Secret Codes

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Secret Codes for the Nokia 7190:

Firmware Version:
*#51x0# or

View Serial No:

Warranty: press *#92702689#, and you will see:

2 Made MM/YY (manufacture date)
3 date of purchase (this can be edited, but once it is set, it cannot be altered anymore).
4 Repaired (date of repair, in case it has been repaired)
5 Transfer user data

Enhanced Full Rate (EFR):
*3370# to activate EFR.
#3370# to deactivate EFR

Half Rate Mode (HFR):
*4720# to activate HFR.
#4270# to deactivate HFR.

Default Nokia 7190 Security Code:

Nokia 7190 Software Version:
*#0000# (if that does not work use) *#9999#

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